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What Makes Pokémon Go? Roots and Ramifications of the Global Gaming CrazeHirabayashi Hisakazu

A veteran video game analyst and consultant discusses the creative processes that paved the way for Pokémon Go fever and explores the app's implications for the future of video gaming.

2015 Japan Expo in Paris: Japan Slow to Cash In on Being “Cool”Abe Hiroyuki

The 2015 Japan Expo will be held in Paris from July 2 to 5. The annual event has become a gathering spot for cosplayers and other young fans of Japanese pop culture from around Europe. Despite this intense interest among Europeans, Japan still lacks a proper structure for reaping the financial benefits of the Cool Japan boom.

Video Games: A Winning Strategy for JapanHirabayashi Hisakazu

Japan’s video game producers have lost their former global lead. But in some respects the industry is doing fine. Japanese firms would do well to focus on role-playing games, a genre in which they excel.

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