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Original Vibration Control Leads to a Series of World Firsts

Matsuda R&D is a small company of 10 employees nestled in a corner of Itabashi, Tokyo, that has continuously developed one-of-a-kind products with its original vibration control technology. Leading the way is company president Matsuda Shinji, 70, who got his start at Honda Motor.

Halting Japan’s Scientific SlideHayashi Yukihide

Japan’s scientific community rejoiced on hearing the news that stem cell researcher Yamanaka Shin'ya had won the 2012 Nobel Prize in medicine. But beneath the jubilation lurk deep concerns over the future of scientific research in Japan. Hayashi Yukihide analyzes the problem and calls for a regional research fund to halt the decline and tap East Asia's scientific potential.

The Road to Japan’s Top Rice

A number of new varieties of rice are posing a formidable challenge to the established, high-grade Koshihikari brand. Prominent among them are the newcomers from Hokkaidō. How was a region unsuited to rice cultivation able to develop what may become the finest rice in the land?

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