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The Japanese Family on the Brink of Change?Senda Yuki

The Japanese institution of marriage, at first glance, may seem impervious to the winds of change buffeting other economically developed countries. At present same-sex marriage is not allowed under Japanese law, nor can a husband and wife use different surnames. But Senda Yuki, a professor at Musashi University, thinks there are signs that major change is on the horizon.

Love Hotels Clean Up Their Image

Love hotels once had a shady reputation and gaudy designs, but things have changed. Today the hotels have become a date spot frequented by ordinary couples. Love-hotel scholar Kim Ikkyon explains why this change occurred.

Japan’s Affection for Love Hotels

Love hotels are deeply rooted in Japanese society today. Kim Ikkyon is a young scholar who has specialized in tracing their historical evolution. Here we draw on her findings to sketch the changing face of love hotels.

Japan’s Women Writers in France

Three popular Japanese authors talk to a packed audience in Paris, revealing their true feelings on what it means to be a female writer. French translator of Japanese literature Myriam Dartois Akō reports on the discussion.

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