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Japan to Give Foreigners Multiple-Language Disaster Information (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 23 (Jiji Press)—Japan's Internal Affairs Ministry is working on a plan to provide foreign visitors with disaster information in multiple languages via smartphones, officials said. The move is designed to help foreigners who cannot understand Japanese safely evacuate in the event of earthquakes and other disasters, the officials said. The ministry developed a system that has forei…

Video Games: A Winning Strategy for JapanHirabayashi Hisakazu

Japan’s video game producers have lost their former global lead. But in some respects the industry is doing fine. Japanese firms would do well to focus on role-playing games, a genre in which they excel.

Smartphones Bring New Golden Age for Japan’s Games IndustryShin Kiyoshi

Smash-hit titles like Puzzle and Dragons and Monster Strike have made Japan’s mobile gaming market the largest in the world. Most of the games are free, but low-priced extras in the form of in-game purchases provide hefty profits for developers.

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