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The Sapporo Snow Festival Heats Up Winter in Hokkaidō (Video)

See what happened at the sixty-fifth Sapporo Snow Festival, held in 2014, with our video introduction.

World Heritage: Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome) (360° Panorama)Somese Naoto (Photographer)

This series of 360° panoramic images shows Hiroshima as you’ve never seen it before—from the inside of the A-Bomb Dome (normally closed to the public) to the August 6 memorial ceremony, the Peace Memorial Museum, and the lantern floating ceremony held to commemorate those who died in the world’s first nuclear attack.

Tokyo’s Successful Olympic Campaign and the Prospects for Lasting ReturnsHarada Munehiko

A leading expert on sports science looks at some of the factors behind the decision to award the 2020 summer Olympic games to Tokyo. How can the opportunity of the games be used to transform Japan’s largest city and invigorate a dormant sector of the nation’s economy?

Cat Island: Felines Outnumber People 10-to-1 at This Tourist AttractionPaul Warham

A fishing boat on the tranquil waters of the Inland Sea (Seto Naikai). It may be hard to imagine when you’re being packed into a crowded Tokyo subway train or fighting your way through the Friday night crowds in downtown Osaka or Hiroshima, but in many parts of Japan the biggest population problem is not that there are too many people but that there are too few. In some parts of rural Japan…

Gunkanjima: A Sacred Site of Relics (360° Panorama)Somese Naoto (Photographer)

In its heyday, the coal mining island of Gunkanjima was the most densely populated place in the world. Today, nearly 40 years after the mine was closed, it is uninhabited but is attracting new attention for its relics, which exude the sadness of the past. It was also catapulted to fame in 2012 as the model for an island in the James Bond movie Skyfall. See places not open to the general public in these stunning, high-definition immersive photographs.

Tokyo Station Becomes a Screen of Dreams

Some 10,000 people came to revel in the dream world of “Tokyo Station Vision”—a sound and light show projected onto the newly restored brick building of Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station: Modern Convenience in a Historical Setting

The iconic red-brick façade of Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi Building is one of the capital’s most beloved landmarks. A major renovation project has recently restored the building to its original glory for the first time since the war. At the luxurious Tokyo Station Hotel inside the station building, special displays allow visitors to experience a taste of the station’s history as they enjoy the hotel’s unparalleled modern conveniences.

Kyoto’s Manga Museum

Famous for its ancient temples and gardens, since 2006 the historic city of Kyoto has also been home to a museum specializing in manga—that vivid and irrepressible symbol of Japan’s vibrant modern culture. Combining the best aspects of a library and a museum, the new facility functions as both a resource for scholarly research and as an oasis of relaxation and escape for fans.

All Aboard Kyūshū’s Designer Trains (Photos)Kawai Satoshi (Photographer)

Crisscrossing the southern Japanese island of Kyūshū is a network of “designer trains” full of character and individuality, including the state-of-the-art Kyūshū Shinkansen bullet train, completed in March 2011. Bursting with personality, these trains are guaranteed to quicken travelers’ pulses and add to the thrill of the journey. Jump on board for a trip on Kyūshū’s designer trains!

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