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The Gift Locomotive That Charmed Samurai JapanNippon.com Staff

Trains have undoubtedly been one of the most transformative technologies in Japan’s history, dramatically changing the landscape of the country and its cities. They have also become much loved as an iconic and reliable form of transportation. The origins of this train fever can be traced back more than 160 years. In July 1853, Yevfimiy Putyatin of the Russian navy made the first demonstration…

Hokuriku Shinkansen Guide: Routes, Trains, Seating, and Fares

The new Hokuriku Shinkansen service linking Nagano and Kanazawa went into action on March 14. We present a map of the new lines, along with information on the various services and carriage types, and a price list.

Hokuriku Shinkansen Set for March LaunchNippon.com Staff

The new Hokuriku Shinkansen between Nagano and Kanazawa is scheduled to begin commercial service on March 14 this year. Ahead of the opening, press representatives were invited to a preview test run on February 5. A group of journalists boarded JR West’s new W7 train, specially developed for the upcoming opening, and took a round-trip ride from Kanazawa to Nagano. The train left Kanazawa at 9:5…

The Shinkansen Turns 50: The History and Future of Japan’s High-Speed Train

On October 1, 1964, the shinkansen began commercial service between Japan’s two largest cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Now 50 years on, the iconic train runs from Aomori in the north to Kagoshima in the south. We take a look back at the country’s “bullet train” and peek down the tracks to see where it is headed next.

Shinkansen Route Map

Exactly 50 years have passed since the Tōkaidō Shinkansen began running between Tokyo and Osaka. Japan’s high-speed train service has expanded over a half century into a broad network of routes that stretches across the nation. The famous “bullet train” continues to grow, with several new lines being planned or under construction, including the next-generation linear maglev Chūō Shinkansen.

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