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The Sinking of the “Ertugrul”: Japan and Turkey Mark the 125th Anniversary of the Tragedy

Few Japanese know of the sinking of an Ottoman naval vessel 125 years ago off the coast of the Kii Peninsula. Yet selfless efforts by Japanese locals to rescue and care for the vessel’s crew earned lasting goodwill in Turkey, the seat of Ottoman power. Reinforcing this sense of camaraderie was the shared circumstance of enduring unequal treaties imposed by Western powers. The Ertugrul at ancho…

The “Atomization” of Populations and the Rise of Sudden Protest MovementsOgoura Kazuo

In recent months, violent protests and demonstrations involving thousands of ordinary citizens have rocked cities around the world. These are not revolutionary movements to topple dictatorial regimes or protests against human rights abuses. Indeed, one of the most remarkable things about these recent uprisings is the way in which they begin apparently spontaneously and spread like wildfire to engu…

(Video) Friday Prayers at Tokyo Camii Mosque

Japan’s biggest mosque, Tokyo Camii in Yoyogi Uehara can accommodate up to 1,200 worshipers at a time. Friday afternoon prayers attract the biggest congregations. This video captures some of the hushed atmosphere of reverence that descends on the mosque at prayer times.

Tokyo Camii: Japan’s Biggest Mosque

There are around 80 mosques in Japan, many of them relatively small. The country’s biggest place of Islamic worship is Tokyo Camii, which has space for around 1,200 worshipers. Come with us as we pay a visit to this magnificent Ottoman-style mosque in the heart of the Japanese capital.

The Japanese Teacher of Islam

Most of Japan’s relatively small Muslim population is foreign-born. This has led to misunderstandings regarding Islam. Shimoyama Shigeru, a Japanese man who converted to Islam after encountering the religion during his travels in Sudan, has devoted his life to fostering a better understanding of the religion in his home country.

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