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2015.08.03 Timeline for July 2015
2015.08.01 “Rakugo” (The Art of Storytelling)
2015.07.31 "Attack on Titan" Invades Movie Theaters: An Interview with Director Higuchi Shinji
2015.07.28 Ramen Takes Off as Global Soul Food
2015.07.26 “Sentō”: Japan’s Public Bathhouses
2015.07.25 “Yatai” Food Stalls
2015.07.23 The Head Honcho: A Meeting with a Top Puppet Craftsman
2015.07.20 Weddings in Japan
2015.07.19 Making It Memorable: Japanese Mnemonics for Dates and Kanji
2015.07.18 Maid Cafés
2015.07.17 Ramen vs. “Washoku”: The Changing Face of Japanese Cuisine
2015.07.16 Pocky Heads Overseas: Japanese Snack Brands Earning a Global Following
2015.07.13 Picturesque Toyama Canal Rewards Casual Explorers
2015.07.13 When Japonism Bewitched Europe
2015.07.12 "Zazen" (Seated Meditation) Workshops
2015.07.11 The Social Custom of Gift Giving
2015.07.09 Asian-Americans and Japan’s History Issues
2015.07.08 The Art of Concision: A Look at Haiku
2015.07.07 Japan’s First Air Race Draws Record Crowd of 120,000 to Chiba
2015.07.06 Wrap Your Lunch: Reinventing the Humble Rice Ball with “Onigirazu”
2015.07.06 Cherry Blossoms, Hot Springs, and Blue Movies: Chinese Tourism and Japan’s Image Gap
2015.07.05 Funerals in Japan
2015.07.04 “Tanabata” (Star Festival)
2015.07.02 Timeline for June 2015
2015.07.01 2015 Japan Expo in Paris: Japan Slow to Cash In on Being “Cool”
2015.06.27 Canned Coffee
2015.06.25 Coffee and Identity at Starbucks Japan: A Matter of Culture
2015.06.24 Building Bridges: Japan’s Kakehashi Initiative Toward the Future
2015.06.23 Japan Brews Up a Rich Coffee Culture
2015.06.20 Japanese High-Tech Toilets

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