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2014.10.24 The Kanji Kentei: Japan’s Test of Characters and the American Who Passed Its Toughest Level
2014.10.23 Tokyo Game Show: A Last Chance for Xbox?
2014.10.23 Japanese Studies Overseas: A Target for More Strategic Support
2014.10.22 Hot Springs and Snow Monkeys: Four Seasons in “Hell Valley” (Photos)
2014.10.17 “Yōkai Watch”: Japan’s Netherworld Hit Poised to Go Overseas
2014.10.16 An Agricultural Wonder: Japan’s Vanishing Terraced Rice Fields (Photos)
2014.10.14 Unchaining the Potential of Women Worldwide: An Interview with Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman
2014.10.04 Mountains, Mummies, and Modern Art: Ascetic Practice in Yamagata Prefecture
2014.10.03 Timeline for September 2014
2014.09.30 AKB48 Popularity “Fanned” by its General Election
2014.09.29 Japan’s Top Tourist Destinations
2014.09.26 Discovering Shikoku, Japan’s Fourth Largest Island
2014.09.26 Her Strength Is No Act: An Interview with Actress Terajima Shinobu
2014.09.23 Eating Halal: Japanese Cuisine Becoming More Accessible to Muslim Tourists
2014.09.16 Japan Soccer Program Looks to Experience
2014.09.15 A Wild Nobel Chase: Murakami Haruki and the Elusive Literature Prize
2014.09.12 Speeches and Dreams: A Growing Generation of Japanese Learners
2014.09.10 “Teika”: A Work of All-Consuming Passion from the Nō Repertoire
2014.09.09 Nishikori Falls Short in US Open Final
2014.09.09 (Video) Godzilla’s Second Tour of Duty
2014.09.03 Japan Distills a World-Class Whisky Tradition
2014.09.02 Timeline for August 2014
2014.09.01 Hashimoto Kanna and the 40-Plus Consumers of Idol Culture
2014.08.29 LA 1932: Japan’s Breakout Olympics
2014.08.29 Chinese Tourists in Japan: Return of the Big Spenders
2014.08.28 Why Not Dance? The Awa Odori Festival (Video)
2014.08.28 MOOCs: A Professor's Reflections on Online Education
2014.08.25 Standing Room Only: The Slurp-and-Go Soba Shop Tradition
2014.08.13 “Edomae” Sushi: A Fast Food with a Long Tradition
2014.08.12 Sushi Heaven (Video)

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