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2016.02.11 Mask Culture in Japan
2016.02.10 Japan’s Evolving Funeral Business
2016.02.06 “Emoji”
2016.02.04 Japanese Restaurants On the Rise Abroad
2016.02.03 Japan’s Radio Calisthenics
2016.02.03 Timeline for January 2016
2016.02.02 Exam Hell and the Crisis in History Education
2016.02.01 Japan Sets New Record with Nearly 20 Million International Arrivals in 2015
2016.01.30 “Setsubun”
2016.01.29 Global University Rankings: How Are They Measured?
2016.01.26 Higher Education Reform: A Tale of Unintended Consequences
2016.01.23 “Kaiten-zushi” (Conveyor-Belt Sushi)
2016.01.20 “Explosive Buying” Proof of a Successful Retailing Strategy
2016.01.19 Cultural Relations as a Double-Edged Sword: Terror in Paris and Trouble at UNESCO
2016.01.16 Drugstores in Japan
2016.01.11 The Japanese School System
2016.01.09 “Seijinshiki” (Coming-of-Age Ceremonies)
2016.01.08 AKB48 at its Tenth Anniversary Faces New Challenges
2016.01.05 Timeline for December 2015
2016.01.05 Manga Artist Inoue Takehiko’s Appreciation of Gaudí
2016.01.03 Japan’s Changing Attitude to Smoking
2016.01.01 “Kyūdō” (Japanese Archery)
2015.12.30 “Omikuji” and “Ema”
2015.12.28 Japan in 2015: The Year’s Top Stories
2015.12.27 “Shōgatsu”: Japanese New Year
2015.12.26 “Ōmisoka” (New Year’s Eve)
2015.12.23 “Nengajō” (New Year Cards)
2015.12.19 Christmas in Japan
2015.12.15 2015 Kanji of the Year: “An” Juxtaposes Security and Unease
2015.12.14 Celebrating an Iconic Film Character at the Tora-san Summit

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