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2016.04.20 Rescuing a Giant: Sharp’s Future in Foxconn’s Hands
2016.04.19 The Early Morning Pitch: Weekly Forum Pairs Start-Ups with Business Partners
2016.04.14 Japan Forfeits 30 Years to the Gyrations of the Yen
2016.04.12 Year of the Drone
2016.04.01 Timeline for March 2016
2016.03.30 Is There Life After Relocation? The Future of Tsukiji Fish Market
2016.03.25 Hokkaidō Shinkansen Guide: Routes, Trains, Fares, and Sights
2016.03.23 China’s Resource-Consuming Economy Reaches Turning Point
2016.03.22 Shifting the Employment Debate: “Nonregular” Focus Distracts and Misleads
2016.03.14 The Five-Year Struggle of a Fukushima Dairy-Farming Couple
2016.03.08 The Fukushima Cleanup Will Take Generations
2016.03.07 The State of Recovery in Tōhoku’s Disaster-Stricken Areas
2016.03.01 Timeline for February 2016
2016.02.29 Regular Full-Time Positions Increasingly Elusive for Japanese Workers
2016.02.23 Selling the Shinkansen Overseas: What Are Japan’s Chances?
2016.02.18 Can Foreign Housekeepers Help Japanese Women Shine?
2016.02.03 Timeline for January 2016
2016.02.01 Japan Sets New Record with Nearly 20 Million International Arrivals in 2015
2016.01.28 The Geostrategic Significance of the TPP Agreement for the Asia-Pacific
2016.01.27 Pharmaceutical Pioneer Continues Soothing Japan’s Ills in Its Fifth Century
2016.01.25 Japan’s Gender Imbalance
2016.01.20 “Explosive Buying” Proof of a Successful Retailing Strategy
2016.01.18 Tourism Emerges as New Economic Pillar
2016.01.15 As Iran Prepares to Reengage, an Old Friend Is Waiting
2016.01.13 On the Frontline of Gender and Technology
2016.01.06 Japan Moves to Meet Lodging Demand with Home-Sharing
2016.01.05 Timeline for December 2015
2015.12.28 Japan in 2015: The Year’s Top Stories
2015.12.24 Japanese Business Prospects in China’s Changing Environmental Industry
2015.12.17 Change Brewing in the Boardroom: A Proxy Adviser Assesses Corporate Governance in Japan

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