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2014.10.23 Japanese Studies Overseas: A Target for More Strategic Support
2014.10.21 Chilling Changes in the Japan–South Korea Relationship
2014.10.20 Abe Cabinet Rocked by Double Resignation
2014.10.14 Unchaining the Potential of Women Worldwide: An Interview with Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman
2014.10.10 Celebrating 50 Years Since the Tokyo Olympics: Reflections and Thoughts for the Future
2014.10.09 Calls for Joint Japan-UK Action Against Crises
2014.10.09 Japan’s Foreign Policy Options Following Asahi’s “Comfort Women” Retraction
2014.10.08 New Training for Safer Seas: The Heads of Asian Coast Guard Agencies Meeting
2014.10.03 Timeline for September 2014
2014.10.02 The Long Road to Disability Rights in Japan
2014.09.29 The Rise and Fall of Taishō Democracy: Party Politics in Early-Twentieth-Century Japan
2014.09.26 Sparking Social Change: Public and Private Partnerships in Japanese ODA
2014.09.25 Abe’s Enforcer: Suga Yoshihide’s Stabilizing Influence on the Cabinet
2014.09.24 Japan’s Worsening Poverty Rate
2014.09.19 US-Japan Reconciliation Process over Hiroshima and Nagasaki
2014.09.18 Abe Shores Up Power with Cabinet Reshuffle
2014.09.17 Issues and Expectations for Indonesia’s Incoming President
2014.09.15 Popularizing Japan’s “Mother and Child Health Handbook” Overseas
2014.09.10 Yasukuni Shrine: the Basics
2014.09.09 The Growing Ranks of Japan’s “Mellow Rebels”
2014.09.08 Japan’s Quiet NGO Revolution: Toward a Cross-Sector Model of Foreign Aid
2014.09.03 A First Reshuffle for Second Abe Cabinet (September 2014)
2014.09.02 Timeline for August 2014
2014.08.27 A Forgotten Tale of World War I: Life for German POWs in Japanese Camps
2014.08.25 Slowing the Population Drain From Japan’s Regions
2014.08.22 China’s Latest Food Safety Scandal: A Shanghai Media Exposé Delivers a Message from Beijing
2014.08.21 Responding to History: Considering Japan’s Options for Next Year’s War Anniversary
2014.08.18 Debate Persists Over WWI Blame
2014.08.06 Timeline for July 2014
2014.08.05 The Curious Solidarity Between China and Korea

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