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2016.04.27 One Look Suits All: Japan, Land of Uniforms
2016.04.26 “Hanami” 101: Staking Out a Blossom Viewing Spot
2016.04.25 New Logos Selected for 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics
2016.04.23 Japan’s ¥100 Shops
2016.04.22 Evacuees Fill Shelters as Toll of Kumamoto Quakes Climbs
2016.04.22 Between Consenting Adults: Japan’s Incongruous Celebrity Sex Scandals
2016.04.21 Donating to Support Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Efforts
2016.04.21 The “Inconvenient Truth” Behind Japan’s Toothless Media
2016.04.20 Multilingual Information for Foreigners Affected by the Kumamoto Earthquakes
2016.04.20 After the Kumamoto Earthquakes: Responding and Rebuilding
2016.04.18 Strong Quakes in Kumamoto Devastate Communities, Kill Over 40
2016.04.13 Preparing for the Big One: New Earthquake Measures Unveiled for Tokyo Metropolitan Area
2016.04.12 Year of the Drone
2016.04.11 Going to the Dogs and Cats: Two of Japan’s Favorite Pets
2016.04.07 Electronics Chains in Japan
2016.04.06 Japanese Stationery
2016.04.01 Timeline for March 2016
2016.03.31 Disaster and the Japanese Spirit
2016.03.30 Is There Life After Relocation? The Future of Tsukiji Fish Market
2016.03.29 Japan’s Foreign Population Climbs to All-Time High
2016.03.25 Hokkaidō Shinkansen Guide: Routes, Trains, Fares, and Sights
2016.03.24 High Court Decisions Augur Long Road to Equality
2016.03.22 Shifting the Employment Debate: “Nonregular” Focus Distracts and Misleads
2016.03.18 Cherry Blossom Archipelago
2016.03.17 The Future of the Japanese Family: Diversification or Virtualization?
2016.03.15 Supermarkets in Japan
2016.03.14 The Five-Year Struggle of a Fukushima Dairy-Farming Couple
2016.03.11 A Clean Bill of Health for Kamakura’s Great Buddha
2016.03.10 British Expat: “Don’t Forget Ishinomaki!”
2016.03.09 Rehousing in Tōhoku: The Two Faces of Reconstruction

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