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2015.07.04 “Tanabata” (Star Festival)
2015.07.02 Timeline for June 2015
2015.07.02 Clock Ticking Down on Upper House Reform
2015.06.29 Rebuilding Onagawa
2015.06.27 Canned Coffee
2015.06.26 Sugihara Chiune: “Japan’s Schindler”
2015.06.24 Building Bridges: Japan’s Kakehashi Initiative Toward the Future
2015.06.20 Japanese High-Tech Toilets
2015.06.19 A Tōhoku Town Returns to Life
2015.06.15 Who’s Happy Now?
2015.06.12 Kawasaki Youth’s Murder Exposes Japan’s Social and Policy Failings in Coping with Immigration
2015.06.09 No Way Home: The Inescapable Plight of One Fukushima Community
2015.06.05 Akihabara
2015.06.03 I Am Fukushima
2015.06.02 Timeline for May 2015
2015.05.28 Rainbow in the East: LGBT Rights in Japan
2015.05.26 Tougher Laws No Answer to Money in Politics
2015.05.23 "Kyōtei" (Boat Race)
2015.05.22 An Imperial Princess for the Twenty-First Century
2015.05.21 Earthquake Orphans’ Hard Road to Emotional Healing
2015.05.20 Work-Centered Welfare for the Twenty-First Century
2015.05.19 Japan’s Closed-Door Refugee Policy
2015.05.18 Why Japanese Men Still Don’t Get It: Structural Roots of Sexual Harassment
2015.05.16 Cheap and Delicious "B Gourmet"
2015.05.14 Video Games: A Winning Strategy for Japan
2015.05.13 Honolulu and Nagaoka: Two Cities Linked by Wartime Legacies (Part II)
2015.05.12 Policy Fixes Needed for Japan’s Elderly Women
2015.05.09 Japan’s School Uniforms
2015.05.08 Many Ways to Play: A Mobile Game Creator Looks at Global Trends
2015.05.06 Honolulu and Nagaoka: Two Cities Linked by Wartime Legacies (Part I)

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