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Cooking Up Enjoyment

Delicious food has always been a source of joy. When people gather around an exquisitely prepared meal, it leads to new encounters and shared pleasure. This series looks at some of the culinary ways Japanese people are connecting with the outside world.

“Edomae”: A Fast Food with a Long Tradition
Sushi Chef Aoki Toshikatsu: At the Crossroads of Tradition and Innovation
Women Uncorking Wine’s Potential in Japan
Tying the Cultural Knot in the Kitchen: Japanese-Peruvian Cuisine
World’s Top Chefs Work Wonders with Japanese Ingredients

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The Tokusatsu Entertainment Genre that Godzilla Spawned

Godzilla first appeared on the big screen 60 years ago, with the release of the 1954 film of the same title. This anniversary coincides with the 2014 release of a popular new Hollywood film also titled Godzilla. In this series, we take a closer look at the so-called tokusatsu style of special effects that Godzilla spawned as well as the movies and TV series that emerged in the six decades that followed, while also speculating on what the future might hold for this genre

Being Godzilla: An Interview with Nakajima Haruo, the Man Inside the Suit
Godzilla’s Analog Mayhem and the Japanese Special Effects Tradition

Matsuri Days (4) Gion Festival and Kyoto

Japan’s former capital Kyoto plays host to numerous well-known festivals that attract tourists to the area, including the Aoi Festival, the Jidai Festival, and the Gozan no Okuribi. But Japan’s biggest summer festival, the month-long Gion Festival, is probably the most famous of them all.

Gion Festival Displays Kyoto’s Lavish Hospitality

The Takarazuka Century

The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the Takarauka Revue, an all-female musical theater troupe. This series looks back at the Revue’s long history of success, starting with the businessman who dreamed up the idea for the troupe and coined the phrase “Purity, Honesty, Beauty” that has guided it ever since.

Kobayashi Ichizō: The Visionary Impresario of the Takarazuka Revue
A Century of Dreams and Romance: A History of Japan’s All-Female Takarazuka Revue

Ozu Yasujirō: New Discoveries in the Half-Century Since His Passing

December 12, 2013 marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of Ozu Yasujirō, and the 50th anniversary of his death. He was a director who hugely influenced prominent filmmakers around the world, and continues to be revered internationally. This special feature encourages us to enjoy and (re)discover Ozu's cinematic world.

The Artistic World of Ozu Yasujirō on Display in Tokyo
Tokyo Story in Moscow: Bringing Ozu to the World
In Search of Ozu Yasujirō

Matsuri Days (5): Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival ―the biggest event of its kind in Asia―is an annual celebration of snow and ice. traveled to Sapporo in February 2014 to cover the event held in the city’s Ōdori Park. A record 2.4 million visitors flocked to the festival this year to see the impressive snow and ice sculptures on display, which included frozen creations by teams from within Japan and overseas.

The Sapporo Snow Festival Heats Up Winter in Hokkaidō (Video)

Celebrating the World’s Comic Creations

On November 18, 2012, the Foreign Comic Festival took place in Tokyo’s Big Sight exhibition center. Japan’s manga are known around the world, but the cultural streams flow both ways, and comic artists from Europe, North America, and Asia are making their presences felt in Japan too, bringing about new waves in the global manga/comic scene.

“Blacksad” Comic Series Wins Fans in Japan
Comic Connections: Urasawa Naoki Talks with Top European Artists
Emmanuel Lepage: Bringing Something New to BDs
Manga Giant Ōtomo Katsuhiro Meets His European Counterparts
Manga: Not Just in Japan

The Renewable Outlook in Japan

Japanese interest in renewable energy sources is on the rise. A major reason is the popular desire to get away from nuclear power in the post-3/11 age, but moves to diversify Japan’s energy mix were underway even before the disaster. In this series we take a look at the renewable picture in Japan today.

Offshore Wind Power Promises to Boost Fukushima Recovery
Hopeful Signs: Renewable Energy from Geothermal and Solar Power
Building a Floating Wind Farm Off the Fukushima Coast
Rice Paddy Power: Harnessing Microbial Energy
The Promise of Kinetic Power Generation
Five Things to Know About Energy in Japan

Character Wonderland

Adults and children alike in Japan love characters. They come in all shapes and sizes, including everything from global superstars like Hello Kitty to mascots created to promote local areas or products. This series showcases Japan as a character wonderland.

Kamen Rider: Still a Hit Four Decades Later
Fluffy Mascots on the Loose in Saitama

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