Shorter pieces shedding light on the creativity underlying Japanese culture and technology and on lives and lifestyles in Japan.

Anime in the Post-Ghibli Era

Miyazaki Hayao was the undisputed champion of the animation world. Following his announced retirement from feature filmmaking, an era dominated by the productions of Studio Ghibli has come to an end. What comes next for Japanese animation?

The Independent Vision of Anime Filmmaker Shinkai Makoto
The Classic Storytelling of Anime Director Hosoda Mamoru

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Japan’s Popular Tourist Destinations

Japan has tourist spots appealing to many different kinds of visitor, whether they are looking for natural beauty, historical sites, contemporary architecture and shops, or the latest attractions. This series takes you to some of the most interesting places around Japan.

Dramatic Architecture and Views at Osaka’s Umeda Sky Building

Japan’s Rail Network

Japan is a railfan’s delight, boasting not only leading-edge technologies like those featured in the Shinkansen and the maglev but also an increasing number of unique rail services in localities around the country.

All Aboard the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Train!
“Dragon Quest” Theme Rings Out on Shibuya Trains (Video)
Tokyo’s New Restaurant Train Offers Haute Cuisine on Wheels
Kyoto Railway Museum (Photo Gallery)
Kyoto Railway Museum: A Showcase of Japan’s Rail Heritage

The World of Zen

From its beginnings in ancient India to its efflorescence in medieval Japan and its latest Western incarnation as "mindfulness meditation," Zen Buddhism has had a profound and wide-ranging impact on human culture and spirituality. This series examines Zen's global journey, the meaning of satori (enlightenment), and the rise of meditation as an aid to psychological well-being in our age of chaos, confusion, and information overload.

Steve Jobs and the Rediscovery of Zen

Shodō: The Art of Calligraphy

Calligraphy began as a means of transcribing kanji—characters imported from China—using ink and brush. Today, shodō has evolved into an art form that not only conveys information but also serves as an eloquent medium of personal expression.

Kanazawa Shōko: Woman with Down Syndrome Becomes Top Calligrapher

New Perspectives on Miyazawa Kenji

Miyazawa Kenji was born in August 1896 in Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture. He wrote a host of poems and children’s stories before his death at the age of 37 in September 1933. He drew inspiration from the Lotus Sutra and worked to improve the lives of local farmers, while battling illness for many years. This series of articles looks back at Kenji’s life and works on the 120th anniversary of his birth.

Illustrating Miyazawa Kenji (Photo Gallery)
Miyazawa Kenji and the Art of the Picture Book: The Work of Kobayashi Toshiya
Miyazawa Kenji: A Literary Life in Northern Japan
Miyazawa Kenji’s Answers for Japan and the World

Japan’s Local Festivals: Spirit and Ceremony

Japan has many local festivals that bring communities together to watch and participate. In an atmosphere of tradition and ceremony, participants and onlookers are transported away from the everyday world. This series introduces the country’s lively, colorful celebrations.

Building a Dragon God (Photo Gallery)
Dragon God Brings the Rain at Saitama Festival

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