Discovering “Nōgaku”: The Blossoming of Tradition

Nōgaku is a multifaceted art form that incorporates elements of theater, music, dance, literature, and costume design. This series will examine this ancient theatrical tradition from a number of different angles to help readers gain a better appreciation of its artistic treasures.

“Nōgaku” Drama Kept Alive by Family TraditionsMatsuoka Shinpei (Interviewer)

Nōgaku, consisting of and kyōgen dramas, is the world’s oldest surviving theatrical art, dating back some 700 years. How has this ancient art (designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO) managed to remain a living art into the twenty-first century? For insights on this, a leading nōgaku scholar interviews Kanze Kiyokazu, the twenty-sixth grandmaster of the Kanze School.

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