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Umeda Sky Building (Photo Gallery)
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Umeda Sky Building is one of Osaka’s most prominent sights. These photographs capture the uniquely designed building and the spectacular view it has of the surrounding urban landscape.

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Dramatic Architecture and Views at Osaka’s Umeda Sky Building


The Umeda Sky Building from a distance.

Moving closer, the distinct form of the Floating Garden Observatory comes into view.

The escalators to and from the observatory seem to hang in the sky.

Each escalator is 45 meters long. A quick glance over the railing reveals how high up riders are.

Some say the escalators and the observatory make it seem like a space station.

The observatory is open-air so you can feel the wind as you look at the surrounding scenery.

Osaka’s office district and major skyscrapers are to the south.

To the west is the Yodogawa River and Rokkō mountain range. On a clear day, it is possible to see the Akashi-Kaikyō Bridge that connects Honshū with Awajishima island.

Planes take off and land at Osaka International (Itami) Airport to the north.

The glass exterior reflects the sky, clouds, and nearby buildings.

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