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Japan’s Defense Strategy Guidelines

Revisions to Japan’s National Defense Program Guidelines and Mid-Term Defense Program are due to be completed by the end of this year. As work on reformulating the policy documents proceeds, we look at some of the main points of debate.
(Banner photo: Prime Minister Abe Shinzō takes part in an inspection of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces at Camp Asaka in Saitama Prefecture on October 14, 2018 . © Jiji.)

Peacebuilding Without Japanese DeploymentsShinoda Hideaki

Japan’s Self-Defense Forces have not been deployed on a peacekeeping mission since 2017, when an SDF contingent was withdrawn from South Sudan. Going forward, what can Japan do to contribute to peacebuilding efforts?

Space: A New Battleground for JapanSuzuki Kazuto

Increasing military use of satellites means that space is an integral part of many countries' defense strategies. Until recently, Japan's use of space was limited to civilian purposes. What does the future hold for Japan's strategic use of satellites and other space technologies?

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