Tenth Anniversary Event “Communicating Japan to the World”

We are excited to be celebrating the tenth anniversary of Since our founding in November 2011 in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Nippon Communications Foundation has remained dedicated as an independent nonprofit media organization to sharing unbiased, diverse information on Japan with a global readership in multiple languages.

Although we had to wait two years to celebrate our tenth anniversary, now that the pandemic is finished and life has returned to normal, we are eager to reconnect face-to-face with our diverse network of partners and reflect on the foundation’s unwavering commitment to multilingual publishing.

The event, titled “Communicating Japan to the World,” will feature the unveiling of our new foundation purpose and a panel discussion with experts in the field of global communications and networking.

We will livestream the event on the YouTube page. You are invited to follow the conversation online and consider approaches for sharing Japan with the world.

We look forward to seeing you online.

Event Outline

Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Time: Starting from 15:00

Part 1: Announcement of New Foundation Purpose (15:00)

“Sharing Insight, Connecting People, and Supporting Communication About Japan”

The announcement is to be live streamed on the YouTube channel.

Part 2: Panel Discussion “Communicating Japan to the World” (15:30)

Takeshita Ryūichirō, Chief Global Editor at PIVOT Ltd.
Peter Landers, Tokyo Bureau Chief at the Wall Street Journal
Ōiwa Hisa, Research Fellow at PHP Institute, Inc.
Ananya Donapati, Marketing Lead at

The event is to be held in English and Japanese (simultaneous interpreting provided) and live streamed on the YouTube channel.

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