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Editor-in-chief of online news magazine Japan In-Depth. Joined Nissan Motors after graduating with a degree in economics from Keiō University in 1979. Received a master’s degree from the Graduate School of International Relations, International University of Japan, in 1985 and joined Fuji Television in 1992, where he was New York bureau chief and a news presenter. Left Fuji in September 2013 and founded Japan In-Depth. Is the author of Zetsubō no terebi hōdō (The Pitiful State of TV News).
2015 Japan Expo in Paris: Japan Slow to Cash In on Being “Cool”2015.07.01

The 2015 Japan Expo will be held in Paris from July 2 to 5. The annual event has become a gathering spot for cosplayers and other young fans of Japanese pop culture from around Europe. Despite this intense interest among Europeans, Japan still lacks a proper structure for reaping the financial benefits of the Cool Japan boom.

A Sober Look at “Amazing” Japan2015.04.07

TV programs featuring foreign guests who are dazzled by Japanese culture and technology are earning high viewer ratings, perhaps reflecting the country’s growing self-confidence after decades of stagnation. Media veteran Abe Hiroyuki underscores the importance of maintaining a balanced view of the world and Japan’s place in it, though, instead of allowing praise to turn Japan into a nation of self…

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