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Senior research fellow at the Yomiuri Research Institute. Graduated from Waseda University, where he majored in economics in 1985, and became a Yomiuri Shimbun reporter. Focusing on economic affairs, has covered taxation, fiscal policy, financial crises, mergers and acquisitions, energy and environmental issues, and the G-8 and G-20 summits. After serving as a senior writer at the Tokyo Head Office and Chūbu Branch Office, assumed his present position. Among his works is Mega Chaina: Honrō sareru sekai, uchi naru mujun (Mega-China: Rocking the World, but with Internal Contradictions).
Abenomics: Changing the National Mindset2013.04.08

Since taking the helm as prime minister for the second time last December, Abe Shinzō has focused on economic policy, including the adoption of an inflation target. The market has responded favorably, and the national mind-set seems to be shifting. Journalist Abe Junichi assesses the first 100 days of the Abe administration.

How Effective Will “Abenomics” Be?2013.01.22

Hopes are growing that Abe Shinzō, Japan’s new prime minister, will be able to restore the health of the Japanese economy by means of his “Abenomics.” The yen finally began to weaken and stock prices surged late in 2012 when the decision to dissolve the House of Representatives was reached, signaling the markets expectations of Abe’s economic policies. The Liberal Democratic Party won a stunnin…

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