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Almoamen Abdalla
  • Almoamen Abdalla 
  • By this author: 3 Latest posted: 2018.09.25
Associate professor at the Tōkai Institute of Global Education and Research. Born in Cairo in 1975. Received a bachelor’s degree in Japanese language and culture and doctorate in contrastive linguistics between Japanese and Arabic from Gakushūin University. Arabic instructor on NHK. Works include Chizu ga yomenai Arabujin, michi o kikenai Nihonjin (Arabs Can’t Read Maps and Japanese Don’t Ask Directions).
The Unspoken Contradictions Behind Japanese Punctuality2018.09.25

The meeting is due to start at 5:10. As usual, people around me are bustling to get to their seats at least five minutes early. I am hurrying along too, until I happen to bump into someone I know on the way and stop for a quick chat. I end up arriving one whole minute late. Time is a funny thing: infinite and yet often in limited supply. In modern society, we seem to spend our days in a const…

Terrorism Fuels Stereotyping of Muslims2015.11.19

We published this article in early 2015 in Japanese and French following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris and the murder of two Japanese citizens taken captive by extremists in Syria late in 2014. It is especially timely today, as the world reels in the aftermath of the November 13 killing of more than 120 in Paris. In the wake of terrorist attacks, Muslims fa…

The True Benefits of Studying in Japan2014.05.26

The noted nineteenth-century British scholar of Japan Basil Hall Chamberlain (1850–1935) commented in his 1902 work Things Japanese that in Japan there exists a “comparative social equality of all ranks and stations . . . The rich not being blatant, the poor are not abject . . . A genuine spirit of equality pervades society.” That spirit can still be felt today. Reading these words, I am reminded…

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