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Aoshima Hirono
  • Aoshima Hirono 
  • By this author: 1 Latest posted: 2018.01.29
Freelance journalist who has covered figure skating since 2002. Author of books on top skaters including Hanyū Yuzuru, Takahashi Daisuke, and Asada Mao.
Athleticism Over Artistry? The Jump Obsession in Men’s Figure Skating2018.01.29

Earlier this January, I was watching the men’s singles event in the US Figure Skating Championships on television. I was flabbergasted when the commentator said that Nathan Chen’s free skate performance fell short of expectations. His winning routine featured five successful quadruple jumps, including two quad flips, or jumps launched from the inside back edge of the skate. However, the comment…

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