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Editorial board member, Sankei Shimbun. Born in Yokohama in 1967. Joined the newspaper after graduating from Waseda University. Has been a special correspondent in Manila and headed the paper’s New York bureau. Won a Vaughan-Ueda Memorial Prize in 1997 for her reporting from Southeast Asia. Her latest book is Indoneshia 9.30 kūdetā no nazo o toku [Indonesia: Solving the Riddles of the September 30 Coup d’Etat].
Dubai’s No. 1 Fan of All Things Japanese2013.11.18

One of the United Arab Emirates, tiny Dubai is home to around 2 million people. But in fact, Dubai nationals make up only around one tenth of that total—just 168,000 people. Most of the people you see on the streets were not born here. This is a land of immigrants. View Larger Map This attractive city is home to 2 million people. Dubai is a city-state where the future rubs shoulders with…

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