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Damian Flanagan
  • Damian Flanagan 
  • By this author: 2 Latest posted: 2017.11.24
Writer and literary critic. After graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in English literature, came to Japan and earned his MA and PhD in Japanese literature at Kobe University. An author of numerous books on Japanese literature, he also writes widely on Japanese politics and culture for Japanese and Western publications. His website is
The Importance of Being Mishima Yukio2017.11.24

On November 25, 1970, the celebrated author Mishima Yukio shocked Japan with his ritual suicide. Damian Flanagan argues that his death went beyond a nationalistic call to arms or the final act of a madman, carrying real literary significance and shedding light on Mishima’s final artistic aims.

Sōseki vs. Shakespeare: Two Giants of World Literature2017.10.24

Born 150 years ago, Natsume Sōseki was Japan’s first great modern writer. For much of his writing career, though, he had his eyes on another literary titan—William Shakespeare. The critic Damian Flanagan examines how this Japanese challenger took on the British champ.

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