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Eli K. P. William
  • Eli K. P. William 
  • By this author: 1 Latest posted: 2018.10.05
Translator and author of the Jubilee Cycle, a science fiction trilogy set in a near-future Tokyo in which all actions require payment to corporations. The series includes Cash Crash Jubilee, The Naked World, and the forthcoming A Diamond Dream. Originally from Toronto, Canada, he has spent most of his adult life in Japan and learned Japanese by reading all of Murakami’s novels in their order of publication.
Web: Twitter: @Dice_Carver
Murakami Haruki: Immortal Artist or Falling Star?2018.10.05

Thirty-nine years since he debuted with the novella Hear the Wind Sing, and 29 years since he broke into the global market with the novel A Wild Sheep Chase, Murakami Haruki is now 69 years of age. Only days before his latest tome, Killing Commendatore, appears in English translation, Japan’s best-known living author is clearly on the verge of something, but it is hard to say exactly what. On…

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