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Fabien Mauduit
  • Fabien Mauduit 
  • By this author: 10 Latest posted: 2018.11.13
Architect. Lives in Nice. Cofounder of the A. P. Arts collective. Works on various projects while studying modern architecture. Published Chile: Architectural Guide in 2016 with Hours.
A Seaside Home for a Solo Vacationer2018.11.13

The last in this series of houses designed by architects focuses on a unique seaside second home for a single resident.

Squeezing In Beside a Shrine2018.10.26

A distinctively shaped house on a thin piece of land beside a shrine catches the eye in a Kyoto suburb.

The Sea at Kamakura2018.09.20

When his father passed away, the architect of this Kamakura house wanted to preserve the view of the sea his parents’ residence had enjoyed, while allowing passers-by to enjoy it too.

A Terrace House for a Tokyo Family2018.08.21

Consideration for the surrounding environment is an important aspect of architectural design. In this Tokyo home, the architects wanted to make the most of the greenery of a nearby park, while maintaining privacy for the household.

A Room with a View of Rice Fields2018.07.20

Although a reasonable commute takes the father in this family to his big-city job in Tokyo, when he comes home he can relax looking out over rice fields in this Bōsō Peninsula home.

A House Where Light and Shadow Play2018.06.15

Lattice flooring that doubles as a ceiling in this house lets through light and air, creating a sense of connection between the upper and lower stories.

A Home of Hidden Warmth and Light2018.04.27

This home is like a person who seems standoffish, but conceals a genuine friendliness. Within the cocoon of these walls, the family can stay in tune with the movement of the sun through ample slatted blinds that let the light in.

The Dining Room in the Sky2018.03.30

The simple design of this house resembles one wooden box laid on top of another at right angles. This distinctive shape allows for a direct connection to nature.

A Home that Hibernates Through Winter2018.02.16

Repository is a home built to withstand the cold of a Hokkaidō winter as well as the sometimes intense heat of its summer. Architect Igarashi Jun’s design is surprisingly bright and open, letting in seasonal sounds and fragrances through much of the year.

A House Open to the Elements2018.01.24

Architect couple Kamo Kiwako and Manuel Tardits built their own home in Tokyo as an experiment. They prioritized not everyday comfort, but rather what they could learn by trying to link concrete and nature together.

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