Furuichi Noritoshi
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Writer and sociologist. Born in Tokyo in 1985. Currently a doctoral student at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and a senior visiting researcher at the Keiō Research Institute at SFC. Serves on several government panels, including the Cool Japan Movement Promotion Council. Author of Zetsubō no kuni no kōfuku na wakamonotachi (The Happy Youth of a Desperate Country), Dare mo sensō o oshiete kurenakatta (Nobody Taught Me About the War), and other works.
When Will the “Postwar” End? Japanese Youth in Search of a Future2015.02.10

Japanese teenagers and young adults are remarkably content with their lives, in spite—or perhaps because—of the uncertain future they face. Sociologist Furuichi Noritoshi makes the case that the nation has betrayed its young people by artificially extending the “postwar” economy instead of adapting to the realities of a post-postwar world.

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