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Furukawa Takehiko
  • Furukawa Takehiko 
  • By this author: 1 Latest posted: 2015.11.27
Born in 1940. Graduated from the Tokyo University of Science. Doctor of physics. Joined JMA in 1959, where he held a variety of posts, including director of the Forecast Division and chief of the Sapporo Regional Headquarters; also studied at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research and participated in the technical assistance activities of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Laos, Mongolia, Fiji). His works include Kishōchō monogatari: Tenki yohō kara jishin, tsunami, kazan made (The Story of JMA: From Weather Predicition to Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes) and Hinan no kagaku: Kishō saigai kara inochi o mamoru (The Science of Evacuation: Protecting Lives from Weather Disasters).
More Than Just a Weather Service: Japan’s Multifunctional Meteorological Agency2015.11.27

The Japan Meteorological Agency is playing an increasingly prominent role as extreme weather events continue to strike the Japanese archipelago. More than just a weather service, JMA also monitors volcanic and seismic activity on land and waves and currents at sea, and it helps protect lives by issuing various types of warnings.

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