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Born in Sapporo in 1982. Completed a degree in history at the faculty of letters, Ritsumeikan University. Writes principally about the Internet, Internet right-wingers, the mass media, and anime. Works include Netto uyoku no gyakushū (The Internet Right-Wingers Strike Back), Wakamono wa hontō ni uyokuka shiteiru no ka (Are Young People Really Tilting to the Right?), Netto uyoku no owari: heito supīchi ha naze naku naranai no ka (The End of the Internet Right-Wing: Why Doesn’t Hate Speech Disappear), and Sayoku mo uyoku mo uso bakari (The Left and the Right Are Both Full of Lies).
Can Laws Control Japan’s Hate Epidemic?2016.08.12

On May 24, the National Diet finally took action to stem Japan’s rising tide of racism and xenophobia with the nation’s first law targeting hate speech. Furuya Tsunehira assesses the impact and limitations of this legislation and the challenges that remain if Japan is to control the pestilence in advance of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Roots and Realities of Japan’s Cyber-Nationalism2016.01.21

The prevalence of anti-Korean and anti-Chinese hate speech on Japanese websites has raised concerns about the spread of a virulent strain of right-wing cyber-nationalism in Japan. Furuya Tsunehira traces the rise of Japan’s “Internet right-wingers” and dispels some myths about their identity and potential impact.

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