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Assistant professor in the economy and politics of East Asia at Heidelberg University, member of the Italian think tank Asia Maior, and and a Pacific Forum CSIS nonresident fellow. Currently completing a PhD at the University of Cambridge after extensive fieldwork in Tokyo, where he was based at the National Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). He has published articles and contributed chapters on academic, policy, and commercial themes in Italy, the United States, and Japan. Most of his writings are available online; he also tweets as @Giappugliese and can be reached at giulio.pugliese -at- zo.uni-heidelberg.
Being Both Bambi and Godzilla2015.06.18

In 2009, the international relations scholar John Mearsheimer famously quipped that in the dangerous world of international politics, “it is better for states to be Godzilla than Bambi.” According to him, China’s continued military rise and its quest for regional hegemony constitute a natural insurance policy for maximizing its security and defending its interests. Fast-forward to late 2012, wh…

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