Hayakawa Masaya
  • Hayakawa Masaya 
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General manager of the news department at the Fukushima Minpō newspaper, where he has worked as a reporter and editor since graduating from Meiji University in 1984. He took up his present position in April 2011, shortly after the tsunami and nuclear disaster.
Nuclear Power and the Emptiness of Political Promises2013.03.04

At a New Year’s meeting of her supporters on January 13, Shiga Prefecture’s governor Kada Yukiko revealed the series of events that led to the formation of the Nippon Mirai no Tō, or the “Tomorrow Party of Japan.” Apparently she took the decision to form the party after being persuaded by Ozawa Ichirō in the lead-up to the December’s lower house elections that “if you run, we should get 100 cand…

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