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Senior Partner, Roland Berger Ltd. Earned an MS from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Worked with Bain & Co., Dell, Starbucks, and other companies before arriving at his current position with Roland Berger. Author of Nihon kigyō shūeki fuzen: Shūekisei kōjō no tameno saiteki seichō sokudo (Profit-Sacrificing Practices Among Japanese Businesses: The Optimal Speed of Growth to Achieve Greater Profitability).
Japanese Companies Will Be Tested in 20132013.02.18

Generally speaking, Japanese companies can be expected to perform robustly in 2013, for several reasons. First, the domestic business climate is likely to be favorable. The Liberal Democratic Party has returned to power, and while on the political front it must concentrate on the summer election for the House of Councillors, it plans to vigorously implement measures to stimulate the economy. The …

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