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Born in Hokkaido in 1940. After studying English at Tōyō Women’s College, in 1961 joined the editorial staff of the magazine Music Life. She became editor-in-chief in 1964 and the following year became the first Japanese journalist to carry out an exclusive interview with the Beatles in London. She interviewed the band again during their visit to Japan in 1966 and met the group several times during their remaining years together, becoming famous in Japan as the journalist closest to the group. She is working on a book on her life as a music journalist to be released in autumn 2016.
When Beatlemania Came to Japan2016.07.28

I met the Beatles in June 1965. I boarded a plane for the first time in my life and flew to London for an exclusive interview with John, Paul, George, and Ringo at EMI’s legendary Abbey Road studios. A year later, the Beatles came to perform in Japan, at the Nippon Budōkan. Following that original interview in 1965, I was able to meet and interview the Beatles every year until the band split in 19…

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