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Journalist. Born in Okayama Prefecture in 1965. Graduated from the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. Worked as a reporter for the English-language Nikkei Weekly and served as a visiting researcher at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a think tank in Washington DC specializing in black American issues, before going freelance. His works include Rupo: Nippon zetsubō kōjō (Reportage: The Factories of Despair in Japan) and Chōju taikoku no kyokō: Gaikokujin kaigoshi no genba o ou (The Illusion of Japan as a Longevity: Looking at Foreign Elder-Care Workers on the Front Lines).
Money Dreams: Foreign Students to Japan Face Growing Risks2017.08.08

Japanese language schools have been growing in number year after year, and there are now more than 600 in operation around the country. But many of their students have come to earn rather than learn, deceived by brokers touting high-paying jobs. They borrow heavily to come to Japan, where they find themselves struggling to pay off their loans while laboring for low wages at jobs shunned by Japanes…

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