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Inoue Yūsuke
  • Inoue Yūsuke 
  • By this author: 1 Latest posted: 2018.10.01
Born in Tokyo in 1963. Majored in law at Waseda University before going on to study Chinese at Nankai University in Tianjin, China. Former Kyodo News reporter. After stints as a policy secretary to a member of the Japanese Diet and a reporter for an economic newspaper, arrived in his current position as a freelance writer.
The Japanese Fixation on Rice2018.10.01

The crescent-shaped jiaozi dumplings of China are highly popular in Japan, where they are known as gyoza. To the surprise of many Chinese, gyōza are generally served in Japan as an accompaniment to rice or as a snack to go with beer. Does this say something about the Japanese affinity for rice?

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