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Operator of Japan’s biggest cosplay community website, Cure, and an avid cosplayer (Inui Tatsumi is his “cos-name”). Born in 1968. His first cosplay experience was dressing up as the character Saeba Ryō from the manga series City Hunter. Before getting involved in cosplay he was a game software developer. Currently active as a cosplay commentator on TV programs and in books and other publications. Has traveled the globe to participate in cosplay events and promote international exchange through cosplay.
The Expanding Cosplay Universe2015.03.06

Halloween-themed “cosplay” events have become quite trendy in Japan these past few years. Last year on the night of Halloween, young costumed revelers took over the famous scramble intersection in Tokyo’s Shibuya district to celebrate the occasion, attracting all sorts of media coverage. This is an example of how cosplay has recently broken away from the confines of otaku culture and rapidly bec…

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