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Journalist specializing in youth affairs, including family and education issues, child abuse, and Internet usage among children and teenagers. Author of Kodomo to sumaho: Otona no shiranai kodomo no genjitsu (Children and Smartphones: Our Kids’ Hidden Reality), Rupo, Idokoro fumei jidō: Kieta kodomotachi (Reportage on Missing Juveniles: The Lost Children), and other works.
Preying on the Vulnerable: Japan’s “Schoolgirl Escort” Industry2017.03.01

For some high school girls, smartphones seem to open the doors to a world of lucrative part-time jobs providing a range of services to older male customers. Many girls are tempted by the promise of good money for easy work. But what is the truth about these shady businesses that have grown up to exploit the demand for schoolgirl escort services?

Smartphones and Teens: Consumed by Connectedness2017.02.28

Japanese teenagers have grown ever more reliant on smartphones to cement the social relationships so important to their sense of self-worth. But for some, constant connectedness can morph into an onerous burden or even a consuming addiction. Ishikawa Yūki draws on her journalistic experience to shed light on such hazards.

Japan’s Crisis of Missing and Abused Children2016.02.16

As Japan grapples with the social implications of its desperately low birthrate, the welfare of children is also in jeopardy. Of note is a sharp increase in child abuse. In 2014, child guidance offices reported providing support in approximately 89,000 cases nationwide, a startling 80-fold increase from 1990 when figures were initially compiled. But even as the issue garners greater media attentio…

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