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Ishizaki Morito
  • Ishizaki Morito 
  • By this author: 2 Latest posted: 2018.01.09
Born in 1983. Struggled with life even as a young child. Became a hikikomori (recluse) for two and a half years from the age of 24. Now works for a company set up by his family, handling the internal information system, marketing, and the hiring of new graduates. Also serves on the editorial team of a newspaper for hikikomori.
A Vision of the Savannah: Finding a Way Back into Japanese Society2018.01.09

In the second of two interviews with former hikikomori, Maruyama Yasuhiko talks about how he struggled unsuccessfully to be “normal” until a vision of wild animals on an African savannah gave him a new view of life.

The Underground World: Living in Withdrawal from Society2017.12.19

In the first of two interviews with former hikikomori who later rejoined society, Hayashi Kyōko describes the “underground world” of self-doubt and self-blame she found herself in and how changing her thinking about life has helped her.

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