Itō Masayo
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Graduated from the Visual Communication Design Department in the Faculty of Art and Design at Musashino Art University. Specialized in photography and began taking family portraits while studying. Photography exhibitions include Mensetsu pōtoreito (Interview Portraits, 1978), Hyōjun ondo (Standard Temperature, 1980), Dōshin’en Tōkyō (Concentric Circle Tokyo, 1991), and Kōfukuron (Theory of Happiness, 2007, 2008, and 2010). In 2011, one of her photographs was included in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Photography collections include Kōfukuron 2006–2008 (Theory of Happiness 2006–2008) and Hyōjun ondo (Standard Temperature).
Graveside Portraits of Japanese Families (Photos)2017.01.10

What thoughts go through people’s heads when they visit the graves of loved ones? What news do they wish to share with their departed relatives? These photographs show Japanese families gathered together at cemeteries where they have gone to pay their respects.

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