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Professor in the Faculty of International Social Sciences at Gakushūin University. Honorary professor at University of Tokyo. Born in 1951. Graduated from the University of Tokyo and received his PhD in economics from the University of Rochester. Became a professor at the University of Tokyo in 1993 and taught at the Graduate School of Economics there from 1996 to 2016. President of the National Institute for Research Advancement from 2006 to 2014. Began his present position in 2016. Published works include Sangyō seisaku no keizai bunseki (Economic Analysis of Industrial Policy) and Keizai kiki wa sekai ni nani o motarashita ka (What the Economic Crisis Did to the World).
How Trump Policies Affect the Japanese Economy2017.04.06

Since Donald Trump’s election as US president, expectations of his economic policies have pushed up stock prices, interest rates, and the dollar. Economic expert Itoh Motoshige examines the significance of these policies for Japan.

Japan’s Economy at a Turning Point2015.07.21

Japan is struggling to recover from economic stagnation that has lasted for more than 20 years. This period of persistent deflation has been a new experience for Japan in its postwar history. As suggested by the phrase “deflationary trap,” it is not easy to defeat deflation once it overtakes the economy due to the difficulty of achieving recoveries in consumption and investment once individual cit…

Risk-Taking Investors Welcome Abenomics2013.02.21

Abe Shinzō has taken over as prime minister for the second time. The market and the political world have welcomed his arrival and especially his message that, for the time being, vanquishing deflation will be his top priority. As a result, the overvalued yen has undergone some correction, and stock prices have made large gains. While his administration is still working out the details of its polic…

Reforming Japan’s Electricity System2012.10.01

As part of the process of formulating a new set of basic principles for the nation’s energy policy, an Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy has been appointed to report to the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. I am chairman of the Specialist Committee for Electricity System Reform that is a part of this project. Our job is to consider the shape that Japan’s electricity syste…

The Effect of Hiking the Consumption Tax2012.06.08

Fierce debate over the proposal to raise the consumption tax rate continues to rage. Those who are against the hike put forward the following arguments: Raising the consumption tax now, in a weak economy, will stall economic growth. The general public will never accept the tax rise if the government does not thoroughly review wastefulness in public finances first.  The government must make far…

Signs of Hope in 2012?2012.02.20

The world economy faces numerous risks and uncertainties in 2012, including the fiscal and financial crises in Europe, changes of government, and elections in major countries. Pessimists are having a field day with these problems, but Itoh Motoshige, a professor at the University of Tokyo, argues that we should keep an eye on positive economic prospects, too, both in Japan and overseas.

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