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Sportswriter for the Japan Times since 2007. After graduating from the University of Alabama-Birmingham he wrote for the Marietta Daily Journal in Georgia. Today he writes mainly about Nippon Professional Baseball while covering some other sports. He is on Twitter at @jcoskrey; read his Japan Times work here.
Tokyo Game Show 2014: A Last Chance for Xbox?2014.10.23

The Japan launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One console has been met with a response that, even in the kindest terms, is underwhelming. The company was already on shaky footing in the Japanese market after its Xbox 360, the new console’s predecessor, saw flat sales following its December 2005 release. (And even this tepid welcome far outpaced the performance of the original Xbox console in Japan.) Not h…

Growth Ahead for Indie Games in Japan2014.03.24

There have always been independent video games in Japan. Historically, though, they have been squeezed out of the limelight by major publishers that can devote many more resources to development and marketing. While the same holds true in North America and Europe, indie games are enjoying somewhat of a boom in the West. Meanwhile, in Japan—so long a country closely tied to gaming culture—indies…

Tōhoku Baseball Fans Get a Champion Team to Call Their Own2013.11.27

On November 3, the Tōhoku Rakuten Golden Eagles won game 7 of the Japan Series to stand atop the Japanese baseball world for the first time. Their victory has meant more to residents of Tōhoku than simply a successful run for a corporate-sponsored team, though. Jason Coskrey looks at the regional bonds the team has forged since its 2004 launch.

Japan’s Baseball Squad Set to Go For a Third WBC Title2013.03.05

Japanese baseball luminaries like to say that in international competition, the main goal is to win by utilizing Japan’s own style of baseball. Japan manager Yamamoto Kōji has sung the same tune ahead of the 2013 World Baseball Classic, and with a team comprised entirely of Nippon Professional Baseball players, Yamamoto is uniquely positioned to back up the proclamation. Samurai Japan begi…

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