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Professor of Japanese sociology and fellow of St. Antony’s College, Oxford. Holds a PhD in sociology from Northwestern University. Publications include Kaisōka Nihon to kyōiku kiki (Education in Crisis in Stratified Japan), Kyōiku no seiki (The Century of Education), and Kyōiku to byōdō (Education and Equality).
Japanese University Reforms and the Illusion of International Competitiveness2014.03.12

There is a lot of talk about Japanese universities and the need to strengthen their international competitiveness. But without an understanding of the gap that exists between real and imagined competition, university reforms will have no real effect. Professor Kariya Takehiko of Oxford University discusses the blind spot in Japanese universities’ “globalization strategies.”

Higher Education and the Japanese Disease2012.04.16

In an age calling for an increasingly globalized workforce, there is widespread alarm about declining standards in the Japanese education sector. Where do the problems lie? Kariya Takehiko, a sociology professor who has taught at universities in Japan and England, analyzes the current situation.

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