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Katō Chiaki
  • Katō Chiaki 
  • By this author: 1 Latest posted: 2016.10.18
Director, Dewazakura Museum of Art, and adviser, Yamagata Museum of Art. Born in 1950 in Fukui Prefecture. Graduated from the Department of Aesthetics and Western Art History, Faculty of Arts and Letters, Tōhoku University. Joined the Yamagata Museum of Art in 1985, becoming director in 2003. Serves concurrently as a member of the Yamagata Cultural Properties Protection Committee and many other local government advisory committees.
Kanazawa Shōko: Woman with Down Syndrome Becomes Top Calligrapher2016.10.18

Kanazawa Shōko was born with Down syndrome but is today one of Japan’s most acclaimed calligraphy artists. The love and warmth with which she was raised have helped to turn the tears of her childhood into the applause and adulation of fans worldwide.

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