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Head of the department covering fisheries at Jiji Press. Born in Tokyo in 1967. After graduating from Senshū University, joined Jiji Press in 1991. Has been covering the Tsukiji Market for 25 years. Author of Rupo: Za Tsukiji (A Look Inside the Tsukiji Market).
Tsukiji or Toyosu? Koike Opts for Both2017.08.22

Last year incoming Tokyo Governor Koike put a hold on the long-planned move of the fish wholesaling hub in Tsukiji to a new home in Toyosu. This June she finally approved the move to Toyosu, but she also declared that the Tsukiji site is to be redeveloped as a food center. Will it be possible to make a success of both operations?

Uncertainty Grows over Tsukiji Market Relocation2016.10.06

Following newly elected Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko’s decision to halt the long-planned relocation of the Tsukiji Market to Toyosu, it was discovered that a planned layer of clean soil was never added to the new facility and that groundwater at the site contains toxins beyond accepted levels. Businesses dependent on Tsukiji are in limbo as to if and when the relocation will take place.

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