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Ken Victor Leonard Hijino
  • Ken Victor Leonard Hijino 
  • By this author: 2 Latest posted: 2018.05.16
Associate professor of law at Kyoto University. Specializes in party politics and local democracy. After graduating from Wesleyan University worked as a journalist at the Financial Times Tokyo bureau. Earned his PhD at the Cambridge University Faculty of Oriental Studies. Was an associate professor in Keiō University’s Graduate School of System Design and Management until taking up his present post in 2014. His most recent work is Local Politics and National Policy: Multilevel Policy Conflicts in Japan and Beyond. He is currently researching populism at the local level and its impact on national politics.
Japan’s Shrinking Democracy: Proposals for Reviving Local Assemblies2018.05.16

As Japan’s population ages and shrinks, many of its rural communities are facing a shortage of politicians. In March, government-commissioned experts proposed to diversify the way town and village assemblies are organized. The proposals are a much-needed first step; but reviving democracy at the grass-roots will require many more fundamental changes.

Credible Opposition to Japan’s Conservatives Beyond Hope2017.10.12

Japanese politics is roiling on the surface again, with old parties splintering and new parties emerging at a breathless pace ahead of the 2017 snap general election. But it is doubtful if all of this turmoil will make any substantial difference for the dominance of the conservatives.

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