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Journalist. Born in Tokyo in 1960. Graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University before earning a graduate degree in system design and management from Keiō University. Studied in Britain and worked for a publishing house before going freelance in 1992. Covers domestic and international developments in urban development, local communities, and changing lifestyles, writing for various major periodicals and online publications. Works include Sumu basho o erabeba, ikikata ga kawaru (Deciding Where You’ll Live Will Change How You’ll Live).
The Freewheeling Yamazaki Mari: Citizen of the World and Bestselling Manga Artist2017.11.13

Yamazaki Mari is best known as the author of time-travel manga Thermae Romae, about an ancient Roman architect who gets ideas for bathhouse innovations during trips to modern Japan. She first visited Italy on a solo journey when she was just 14 years old. Since then, an unconventional life has taken her to numerous countries, including Syria, Portugal, and the United States.

Alex Kerr: A Taste of a Better Japan2017.09.05

Alex Kerr has spent more than a decade restoring traditional houses in remote parts of Japan and using them to revive local economies. In recent years, he has written acerbic critiques about the destruction of the Japanese landscape, rooted in his expert knowledge of East Asian arts and culture, and continues to work to develop a new approach to Japanese tourism that will tap the potential of the …

Creative Director Satō Kashiwa: An Eye for the Iconic2017.03.17

Creative director Satō Kashiwa has not only electrified the design world but also injected vitality into struggling companies and stodgy institutions with his bold, innovative approach to branding. On the eve of a world tour as Japan cultural envoy, Satō took time out to comment on his past projects and offer insight into the art of “iconic branding.”

Architect Kuma Kengo Shares His Thinking Behind Japan’s New National Stadium Design2016.06.30

Kuma Kengo made up his mind to become an architect after seeing the Yoyogi National Gymnasium designed by Tange Kenzō for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. And now he has been selected as the architect of the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In this interview he explains the ideas informing his design.

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