• Lee Young-hwa 
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Professor at Kansai University Born in 1954. A third-generation ethnic Korean resident of Japan. Completed his doctoral studies in economics at Kansai University, where he is now a professor. Studied at North Korea’s Academy of Social Sciences April–December 1991. Head of the “Rescue the North Korean People! Urgent Action Network” (RENK). His numerous published works include Bōsō kokka: Kita Chōsen no nerai (The Reckless State: North Korea’s Intentions; 2009).
Kim’s Big Gambit, Abe’s Big Gamble2014.06.11

So far, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has played the game masterfully. He has succeeded in engaging Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzō in a strategic dalliance, primarily for the benefit of Chinese President Xi Jinping. What we are seeing, in short, is a diplomatic version of the time-honored ploy of stirring a lover’s ardor by showering false attentions on his rival. Whether China will take the…

Behind the Scenes of the Pyongyang Power Struggle2012.10.03

How should we interpret the recent sacking of Ri Yong-ho, North Korea’s army chief of staff? A scholar versed in North Korea’s internal affairs looks at the background to this purge and the maneuvering that could jeopardize the Kim Jong-un regime.

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