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Popular culture researcher. Born in Tokyo in 1950. From an early interest in collecting product packaging, he began to study its history. He now broadly researches the history of popular culture from the Meiji period (1868–1912) to the postwar era. He began traveling to sentō around Japan from about 1980. Works include Shōwa retoro hakubutsukan (Shōwa Retro Museum) and Sentō no nazo (The Mysteries of Sentō).
“Sentō” Paradise: Ten Great Japanese Public Bathhouses2017.05.08

Sentō expert Machida Shinobu has visited over 3,000 public bathhouses around Japan. Here he compiles a list of 10 establishments that is sure to please any sentō aficionado.

The Story of “Sentō”: A History of Public Bathhouses in Japan2017.05.08

Public bathhouses have long been popular in Japan, for reasons of community as much as hygiene. But when did they first emerge and how have they changed over the years? This article provides an overview of the history of sentō.

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