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Head of the Editorial Department and director of the Nippon Communications Foundation. Born in 1959 in Osaka. Graduated from Waseda University. Prior positions held include stints as editor-in-chief at the Kin'yū Bijinesu [The Financial Business Review] and at Chūō Kōron, and as a member of the editorial committee.
The Sexist Abuse That Threatens to Shake the Nation2014.07.02

Recently the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly was the scene of a sexist heckling incident that has since blown up into a major political flap on a national scale. On June 18, Your Party assembly member Shiomura Ayaka was presenting questions to Tokyo Governor Masuzoe Yōichi. When she touched on the need for the metropolitan government to craft policy addressing women’s concerns, including infertility t…

The National Decline that Lifted AKB48 to the Top2014.06.12

Two years ago, around the time the Democratic Party of Japan’s brief spell in power was coming to a close, I met with two colleagues—one a noted political scholar and chancellor of a public university, and the other a well-known critic and sociologist. We were discussing plans for a new book, provisionally titled The Collapse of Japanese Politics, to be issued by the publishing house where I was w…

A Metropolitan Government for Osaka?2011.11.30

Ambitious proposals for a major shakeup in local government administration have put my hometown of Osaka in the national spotlight recently. It is the first time Osaka has thrown down a challenge like this for many years. Mayoral elections for the city of Osaka will be held on November 27.(*1) One of the candidates is Hashimoto Tōru, who resigned as governor of Osaka Prefecture in order to run. W…

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