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Haiku poet. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition to her award-winning collections of haiku, has also written the libretto for an opera based on the Manyōshū, and lyrics for the song “Beginning in Spring: From Fukushima to the World,” which was premiered in New York as part of post-disaster relief efforts. From April 2010, spent a year in Paris as a Japanese cultural envoy for the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Numerous books include Hikizan no bigaku — Mono iwanu kuni no bunka ryoku (An Aesthetics of Substraction: The Cultural Power of a Silent Country) and Teppen no hoshi (Stars Over the Peak).
“Wagashi” and the Japanese Tradition of Hospitality2013.08.05

In the last few years, the English term “sweets” has come to be used in Japanese as a hold-all term referring to all kinds of cakes and confectionary. But it seems a shame to lump the Japanese wagashi traditionally served with tea into the same category. They have a special role in social ritual that makes them quite different. This spring, I took part in a round-table on the subject of tradition…

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