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Managing director of the Japan Center for International Exchange. Joined JCIE in 1988 after working for the Hyōgo prefectural government for 10 years. Specializes in grassroots international exchange and immigration issues. Has worked as an adjunct lecturer at Keiō University and the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. Currently a selection committee member for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication’s Best International Exchange Program Award and chairman of the Shinjuku Multicultural Community Building Committee. Works include Jichitai ga hiraku Nihon no imin seisaku (Local Governments Lead Japan’s Immigration Policy).
How the JET Program Changed Japan2016.11.10

The JET Program was launched in 1987 and is now celebrating its thirtieth year. Over the decades, more than 60,000 participants have contributed to Japanese communities through such activities as teaching English and working for local governments. They have also encouraged many Japanese people to think more about other cultures and their own place in the world.

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