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Born in the city of Fukuoka. Graduated from Tsuda College. Currently reports on the distribution sector and on broad business themes for business, economic, and specialty distribution magazines. Relocated to Bangkok, Thailand, in November 2014 to report on the rapid economic growth in the Southeast Asian hub, chronicling her relocation experience and information at her website. Publications include Yume to yokubō no kosume sensō (Cosmetics Battle of Dreams and Desires), and Pokkī wa naze Furansujin ni aisareru no ka? (Why the French Love Pocky).
Crafted Comfort: Hacoa Brings the Warmth of Wood to the Digital Age2017.11.28

A small band of artisans in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, are the force behind Hacoa, a brand built on the local lacquerware and woodworking traditions. With its diverse product line, Hacoa has earned accolades for its uniquely designed wooden renderings of everyday items.

A Longtime Writing Companion: Japan’s Tsubame Notebook2017.10.19

The Tsubame notebook first appeared seven decades ago and has become an iconic fixture in Japan. Since its debut it has garnered many fans, including the likes of film director Kurosawa Akira and French fashion designer Agnès B. The company that makes the sturdy, easy-to-use item has begun to branch out with new product series, but continues to insist on the quality that has been the bedrock of it…

Japanese Firm Brightens Work and Study with Adorable Collectable Erasers2017.09.21

Japanese stationery maker Iwakō has tapped into the playful spirit of students and office workers alike with its series of collectable novelty erasers. The small firm offers a wide range of designs, including cuddly animals, vehicles, popular foods, and dinosaurs. The erasers have won droves of fans in Japan, an achievement the company hopes to replicate overseas.

The Attractive, All-Purpose Masking Tape of Kamoi Kakōshi2017.08.25

In Japan, lovers of do-it-yourself crafts have lifted masking tape from its mundane industrial beginnings and transformed it into an eye-catching item that can add a touch of color to almost any project. We visited Japanese firm Kamoi Kakōshi in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, to learn more about its popular MT brand.

Hit the Road in Japan and Abroad with the Traveler’s Notebook2017.07.13

It has been 11 years since the debut of the Traveler’s Notebook. Created by Japanese design firm Designphil, the customizable notepad offers a wide variety of unique features and accessories, including a leather cover hand-crafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since its launch, it has grown to become a favorite among globe-trotters in Japan and abroad.

One Look Suits All: Japan, Land of Uniforms2016.04.27

Japan is full of people in uniform, both at school and on the job. And then there are those who voluntarily don “pseudo-uniforms,” like the standardized suits of student job hunters. Why does the culture of the uniform have such a strong hold on the Japanese?

Pocky Heads Overseas: Japanese Snack Brands Earning a Global Following2015.07.16

So-called “Galapagos” snacks developed to fit local Japanese tastes are now attracting hungry fans worldwide. Manufacturers are finding success abroad by changing flavors and sales promotion strategies to suit national, ethnic, and religious preferences.

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